In the Dark Ages

In the Dark Ages in Europe, alchemists had several purposes – to turn base metals and materials such as iron, tin and others. in precious, ie gold, silver and platinum. Moreover sought to create the mythical elixir of life, which should give the key to immortality and eternal youth. Their actions were on the borderline between science, magic, mythology and religion. Although develop some of the basic principles of scientific research, especially in the field of chemistry, their perceptions are quite different from modern science – instead of the periodic table of the elements they rely on mythical four natural elements – fire, water, earth and air. Back in the present or a few centuries after the alchemists, some startups are trying to achieve seemingly similar purpose. They want to produce diesel fuel from … air.

Unlike medieval enthusiasts, entrepreneurs rely on modern scientific processes to extract emissions from air and rework them into valuable substance. And their goal is much more noble than the alchemists quest to get rich through their skills to transform the materials. Modern entrepreneurs want to neutralize the effect of emissions in the air, make a kind of circle, that does not add new atmosphere. To put it in simple terms – to recycle air.

The implementation of e-diesel market could put the first step (except electric) in the imposition of vehicles that run on renewable fuel subsequently recycling the air. Which can significantly reduce harmful emission footprint.